We have partnered with the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) to facilitate the Stacy Nishina Business Internship Program, which is a Professional Development accredited course, that pairs teachers with local businesses, provides an orientation of today’s workforce and reinforces essential skills that students and teachers alike can benefit from.

The internship culminates in the creation of lesson plans based on the experiences teachers had with their respective business partner. With a variety of industries, institutions, organizations represented in the program like First Hawaiian Bank, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, The National Security Agency, The United States Marines, and First Insurance Hawaii, HiCF has begun the process of pedagogical invigoration that serves to better prepare students for the 21st century world they are living in and become college and career ready.


  • Expose teachers to workforce development challenges
  • Develop lessons that promote 21st century competencies through Hawaii’s General Learner Outcomes
  • Enhance teachers’ understanding of current workplace challenges and competencies so that students can be successful
  • Promote a strong relationship between the education and business community in Hawaii so all stakeholders can work together to promote student success


A total of 80 hours with weekly documentation of hours worked between June and December.

Note: This includes time for teachers to prep for updating lesson plans. If selected, teacher and business/industry partner can work our their specific work schedule


  • Host organizations will find and pair the teacher with the relevant industry partner.
  • Educators will be placed in businesses based on their CTE areas of interest
  • You do not need to have previous business/industry experience to apply. However, your skills and previous experience will be considered when determining business placement to best benefit you and the business/industry partner.

Activities to Achieve Objectives:

  • Participants in this program will first meet with their worksite sponsors at an orientation session. This will give the pair an opportunity to meet and begin conversations about the types of skills that are necessary for success in the business community (Objective 1)
  • Participants will spend two full days at their assigned worksites to see first-hand the multitude of issues/tasks that the current workforce must lead/manage. They will meet with employees from the “mailroom to the boardroom” and visit different front/back office departments. Participants will begin their reflection process on the types of skills that are fundamental to promoting future success. (Objectives 1 & 4)
  • Participants will spend two full days at the HSTA office reflecting and putting into action the knowledge that they learned from their experiences. The first day will focus intensely on small group and whole group activities that match the skills that are necessary for success in business with the Hawaii GLOs. (Objectives 2 & 3)
  • The second day at the HSTA office will focus on small group lesson plan writing and activities to embed these skills into their lessons. Participants will also engage in a book study, Tony Wagner’s Global Achievement Gap to compare the skills they observed as essential with the skills Wagner defines as essential. (Objectives 2 & 3)