Jr. DevLeague’s Future Fellowship

The Future Fellows Program is a secondary education career pathway for motivated middle and high school students to get an early entry to a career path in technology and business, through mentorship and curriculum prepared and conducted by professionally trained software developers. The Fellowship is designed to enable middle to high school students to gain exposure, learn and experience the fundamentals of business, computer science and software engineering in an extended project-based environment.


The Future Fellowship is a cutting edge early access workforce development program that provides a targeted learning path for select students who show the motivation, attitude, and aptitude for a career path in software development. Targeted at low-income families without potential means for funding higher education for their keiki, Junior Dev League aims to give underserved students a pathway to careers in Tech. There are two parts to Future Fellows Program: Middle School Program for grades 6, 7 & 8, High School Program for grades 9-12 (not described here)


Applicants consist of qualifying middle students, grades 6, 7 & 8, to be selected through a screening process for acceptance into the program. Once accepted, students receive scholarship funding for ongoing after school and weekend programs through middle school, to prepare them with necessary skills in the field of software development for the subsequent High School Program.


Students will use multiple means to track their progress throughout the program, including the curation of a public portfolio of personal growth and project work that will be distributed to partner sponsors of the program. Throughout the program, students will gain access to special events and speakers from within industry to receive additional mentorship, advice and growth opportunities.